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Crid Kore


About Me

Hi there. I'm Crid Kore. A Creative Designer & Music Artist. I actually do a lot of things! LOL! My interests include music, poetry, web coding, tutoring and graphic design. I am a qualified multimedia artist, specializing in web development, web design and branding.

- Crid Kore


Web Development
Graphics Design

Trust me, i'm creative

I believe that technology must help to improve our world. That mindset is what helps me create positive interaction between my clients and their customers, which in turn creates positive interaction between my clients and I. Everyone stays happy!

i'm creative

60 percent of my work goes into intense thinking and research to find the best ideas that will suit your needs. My creative thinking is what brings the satisfaction.

i'm experienced

I've been coding since I was 16 years old. I started designing websites since then. It's been an interesting six years and I can boldly say "I'm your guy!"

i build great minds

I believe in sharing knowledge and experience. I train my students on how to handle the market and give their clients maximun satisfaction.

Team Work

They say team work makes the dream work. I built myself a great team of great minds who also take part in the thinking process in order to bring the best for you.

Don't let your fears push you from behind, let your dreams hold your hands and guide you to worlds yet to be explored.

Crid Kore

My Works

What i do

As I said earlier, I do a lot! I'm basically a creative designer.

Web Development

I have a great working knowledge with languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angularjs and PHP. These languaes come together to play a vital role in my development.

Graphics Design

I deliver clean graphics. I make awesome flyers, song arts, brochure and so on.


I brand businesses and personal brands in such a way that your clients and potential clients will easily think of you whenever they need a service from your niche.


I also tutor people who want to take up a career in web design or creative design. I teach them how to start from nothing to becoming something great!

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I don't need to say much, I will blow your mind!

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